Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring Quadrant Impressions:

The RTP_Base is lowered into position by applying downward pressure to the YELLOW SWING-ARM while lightly tapping the RTP_Base on the side with a spatula or other instrument. This will settle the base into position until the yellow Swing-Arm makes contact with the green Swing-Arm stand (see red arrow).

Caution: Do not push down on the Mounting-Plate that is holding the RTP_Base. If you do, it will bend down and then spring back up when pressure is released. This will take the stone out of compression and pull it away from the RTP_Base while increasing the possibility for other voids. Put downward pressure on the yellow Swing-Arm only.

 After the stone has initially set, use an instrument to remove the excess stone. Be careful not to pull the stone away from the base while removing it. Rather, you should trim the stone in such a way as to put slight  pressure in the direction of the base. The same applies to the stone being trimmed inside of the arch. You can use a damp finger to add the final touches.

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