Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Preparing the impression for pouring:

When making adjustments to the Impression/Pin-Locator relationship, check the alignment from all directions (both sides, front, rear, inside and etc.).

The tip of the pins should be as level to the impression as possible and 2 to 3mm from the margins of the teeth. This will result in a die thickness of between 8 and 9mm respectively.

Lock the Jack Stand's horizontal movement by making sure the Jack Stand Release Handle is pointing up. Tighten the Swivel Table by turning the Swivel Table Knob clockwise. (Do not over tighten Swivel Table Knob; about 1/4 turn is all that is needed).

Use the offset on the Pin-Locator pins to determine how much trimming of the impression is needed. (As mentioned earlier, the offset on each Pin-Locator pin identifies the die surface of the RTP_Base.)

Note: Pointers with the black tips should be centered over the First Molar and Cuspid.

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