Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pin-Locator and RTP_Base relationship:

The offset or step on the Pin-Locator pins helps to determine how much trimming of the impression will be necessary before the RTP_Base replaces the Pin-Locator on the Pouring Jig. Once the RTP_Base is attached to the Pouring Jig after the alignment process is complete, the RTP_Base is lowered into position. The yellow Swing-Arm Stops must contact the green Pouring Jig Stand when the RTP_Base is lowered into position without any interference from the impression. If the RTP_Base contacts the impression before the stops make contact, then you must trim more of the impression or lower the Pouring Jig Swivel Table. Lower the Swivel Table if you must, but remember that your stone die will end up longer.

Caution: Getting the upper and lower Pin-Locators and RTP_Bases mixed up is the mistake most frequently made when learning this system. If the impression is an Upper, then you will use the correct size Upper Pin_Locator to line up the impression on the Pouring Jig. Since the impression and the Pin-Locator is an Upper, you will need to use an Upper RTP_Base. How you minimize this problem is explained on the following page.

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