Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring Quadrant impressions:

Pouring the quadrant impression is basically the same as pouring the arch.

The tip of the pins should be as level to the impression as possible and 2 to 3mm from the margins of the teeth. This will result in a die thickness of between 8 and 9mm respectively.

Check alignment from all angles and make sure all Pouring Jig adjustments are locked.

Do not over tighten Swivel Table Handle; about 1/4 turn CW is all that is needed.

Remove the Pin-Locator and replace it with the correct RTP_Base.

Add the necessary die pins and lower the RTP_Base into position.

The yellow "stops" on the Swing-Arm should rest on the green Swing-Arm
Stand (see red arrow) without any interference from the impression. Trim the impression if necessary.

Double check alignment from all angles and make sure the correct die pins are installed and that they line up with the teeth. Double check that the Jack Stand Release Lever is up (locked position) and that the Swivel Table Handle is adequately tightened (no more than 1/4 turn in the clockwise direction is needed).

Caution: This impression is an upper left quadrant. The Pin-Locator that fits best is a medium upper. The RTP_Base should be medium upper left quadrant (not a medium lower right quadrant, which looks almost the same). Read the engraving on the die surface between the first and second molar. As mentioned earlier, getting the upper and lower mixed up is the most common mistake made when learning this system.

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