Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

How to differentiate between Upper and Lower RTP_Bases:

All RTP_Bases have "Upper," "Lower," "Right" and "Left" engraved between the first and second molar. Also, all lower RTP_Bases have a protrusion in front that houses the female part of the snap. The female snap on the upper is flush.


The quadrant RTP_Bases have the same markings as the full arches.

If the impression is an UPPER, then the Pin-Locator and RTP_Base should be an UPPER.



Caution: As you can see from the above picture, it is very easy to get the upper right quadrant mixed up with the lower left quadrant. Check before attaching it to the Pouring Jig Swing-Arm Assembly to assure proper relationship when you replace the Pin-Locator. Once you are familiar with this system you will have no problem telling the difference between the upper and lower RTP_Bases.

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