Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Creating a plaster index for the impression:


Creating a plaster index for quadrant impressions involves the same procedures for arch impressions. The center line of the arch is lined up with the posterior marker on the Impression Index-Plate, and the first molar is lined up with the wing (as shown by the red line in the picture below).

 Caution: As you can see, the lower central is missing in the impression. The black line on the impression is an an estimate of where the midline is actually located. The upper right and lower left pictures pictures show that the impression tray handle does not give an accurate representation as to the correct location of the midline.

 Very seldom will the handle represent the actual midline of the impression.

 Always place the actual midline of the impression as close as possible to the midline of the Impression Index-Plate.

Although it helps to get the impression as close as possible in the correct position on the Impression Index-Plate, be aware that the Pouring Jig Jack Stand gives you over 3/8" (9mm) of travel from side to side and front to rear. Also, the swivel table has infinite travel in all directions, thus providing some wiggle room.

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