Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Creating a plaster index for the impression:

Lay a 5" by 5" (12.7cm x 12.7cm) piece of clear cellophane (such as Saran wrap found in any grocery store) over the plaster. The very thin variety works the best; the thinner the better.

Place the impression on top of the plastic sheet while making sure that the center of the first molars are in line with the wings on each side of the Impression Index-Plate (per red lines). Push it down until the plaster oozes up around the sides of the impression.

Use your finger or an instrument to build up a fairly snug border around the sides and handle of the impression. You will need to buildup a slight border at the posterior end to keep the impression in place.

Make sure the impression is not locked in place by some undercuts. This can be avoided by removing the impression before the plaster sets up. Any necessary adjustments may be made by modifying the plaster or trimming the impression. You should be able to remove the impression and return it to the plaster index without any interference.


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