Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Creating a plaster index for the impression:
The Impression Index-Plate is used when pouring a standard arch or quadrant impression. It is the foundation for a custom plaster matrix that will hold an impression in place, but still allow it to be removed for pouring. There are six Impression Index-Plates included with each Pouring-Jig Kit, but if necessary more plates can be ordered. Having enough Impression Index-Plates on hand will permit you to make numerous indexes at one time. With a little practice, several dozen indexes can be completed in very little time. Although the surface of the plastic is very smooth, occasionally a light spray of silicone or similar lubricant may be required.
The wings on the Impression Index-Plate are used to align the first molar location, while the posterior markings aid in the alignment of the arch center lines (especially useful with quadrants). The notch in the anterior area is necessary so as not to interfere with the tray handle and also help center the anterior portion of the impression.

Start by putting a small amount of plaster in the center area of the Impression Index-Plate. You will need enough plaster to create a negative cavity around the impression.

It is not necessary to use the more expensive Dental Plaster for this procedure. Plaster of Paris works just fine and can be purchased locally.

Making the Plaster Indexes is really easy. With a little practice and a large bowl of plaster, you can make several dozen of these in no time time.

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