Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Attaching the RTP_Base to Pouring Jig:

The inside of the Pin-Locator will always show you which RTP _Base to use.

Refer to the Home Page under section entitled "System Parts Overview" and go to "Pouring Jig", page 4.


Remove the Pin-Locator and replace it with the correct RTP_Base.

Insert the die pins into a medium upper Base.

Use the stainless steel die pins for the prepped and contacting teeth.

Plastic pins can be used for pontics and other non-critical areas.

Caution: Finger pressure is all that is needed when inserting die pins.

Notice the relationship between the offset on the Pin-Locator pins and the die surface of the RTP_Base (as shown above by the red arrows and on the following page).

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