Stalagmite      Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Check relationship of RTP_Base to impression:


Your setup at this point should be checked for the following:

1.  Make sure the impression has been adequately trimmed to allow the RTP_Base to be lowered enough for the yellow Pin-Locator Swing-Arm "stops" to make contact with the green stand.

2.  Make sure the RTP_Base is the same size (color) as the Pin-Locator.

3.  If the impression is an UPPER, then the Pin-Locator should be an UPPER and the RTP-Base should be an UPPER. If the impression is a LOWER then all related parts should reflect a LOWER designation.

4.  The setup should be checked from all angles (left, right, front, rear and down through the top opening inside of the arch). Make sure the metal pins are indeed over the preps and contacting teeth. Remember, the plastic pins are for non-critical areas only.

5.  Double check that the Jack Stand Release Handle is up (locked position) and that the Swivel Table Knob is adequately tightened (1/4 turn in CW direction is all that is needed).

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