Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Recap and helpful hints:
       For the ATT System (
Articulated Triple Tray).

6. Very few impressions will have the third molar as most people have them removed at an early age. If the third molar is missing in the impression, very often the impression material will get in the way of the third molar pointer on the Pin-Locator. You can cut off about half of the third molar pointer on most Pin-Locators, but keep a few unaltered for those occasions when the third molar is included in the impression. This will save a lot of work trimming away impression material behind the second molar.

7. The metal die pins are made from stainless steel and can be safely heated in a porcelain oven to the final firing temperature of porcelain. This means you can pour your porcelain refractory model just like any other impression without the need to duplicate the impression or use special pins. Refractory dies are treated just like any stone die as far as the RTP plastic bases are concerned.

Caution:  The information contained in item #7 above is feedback from other labs. We have not personally tested this procedure.

8. Lubricating the hinge snap on the Pin-Locators will increase their life considerably. Any of the hinges can be lubricated to make it easier to snap and un-snap.

Weighing the stone and measuring the water for each mix will help guarantee quality and consistency. Working with the same consistency each time is very important, as you will become proficient more quickly. You do not want an overly runny mix when pouring the impression or coating the pins on the base.

Note: We rely heavily on feedback from all labs testing our products. As a result of this feedback, the quadrant part of this design has evolved to version 15 at this point. The medium quadrants are the only parts we have available relating to the Articulated Triple Tray Dental Model System design. The tool and die work for the small and large quadrants will be started after final testing and design has been finalized. The arches will follow shortly after that. The Pouring Jig and the standard RTP_Bases can be used to pour any Triple Tray impression.

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