Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Pour the opposing side of the impression:


After the stone has set-up enough, you can
use a small instrument to trim away excess
stone while being careful not to move the

With a dampened finger you can do some
additional shaping and smoothing of the stone.

Do not attempt to clean up any bleed
though stone that may be present in the tooth
cavities, as they can be more easily removed
after the stone has set.




Raise the Pin-Locator up and out of the way.

Clean the impressions and make sure any
bleed through stone is removed from the
tooth cavities.

At this point, the Pin-Locator can be removed
as it has done its job of perfectly aligning the
the impression to receive the Removable Tapered Pin Base (RTP Base).



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