Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Pour the opposing side of the impression:

Pour the opposing side of the impression and
fill the Opposing_Base with stone.

Turn the impression over so that the die side
of the impression is facing up, then lower it
onto the Opposing_Base.

It is best to use a little extra stone at this
point to insure that the impression sits high
enough when positioning.

Lower the Pin-Locator until the hinge-stop-
rods make contact. Position the impression
so that the pointers are between 2 and 3mm from the margins and as close as possible to
the center of each tooth location. Make sure
the black molar pointer is over the molar cavity in the impression; this will guarantee
that the other pointers are in the correct

Double check the impression from the
front, side and top views and make sure the
hinge-stop-rods are still in contact. Also,
insure that the tips of the Pin-Locator pins
are between 2 and 3mm from the margins
of most teeth.

Lubricating the hinge snap on the Pin-Locators will increase their life considerably. Any of the hinges can be lubricated to make it easier to snap and un-snap.

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