Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Attach Opposing_Base:


1.  Attach the previously selected Pin-Locator to the Opposing_Base.
2.  It is a good idea to lay the impression on or near the connected parts so as not
     to get them mixed up when pouring several at a time.
3.  In the above example, the selected Medium Upper Quadrant Pin-Locator,
     item# ATT_Q-7 is attached to the Medium Lower Quadrant Opposing_Base,
     item# ATT_Q-12.
4.  Stainless steel die pins can be inserted into the Pin-Locator if the cuspid and
     lateral are to be included in the alignment process (as shown above in the
     upper right-hand corner).

You cannot select the wrong Opposing_Base for two reasons:
    a.  All upper parts have female hinges, and all lower parts have male hinges.
    b.  There is only one Opposing_Base for the upper and one for the lower, both
         work with all three sizes.

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