Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Repositioning the opposing model:
Prepare a thin mix of stone. Pour enough
stone into the Opposing_Base to allow enough
stone to overflow once the opposing model
is lowered. Lower the models until the hinge-
stop-rods just barely make contact.
Do not push down on the front of the
 RTP Base after the hinge-stop-rod
 has made contact, as this will cause the base
 to spring back and take it out of compression
 with the stone, which can lead to voids. If this
 happens, tap on the sides of the Opposing
 Base to re-settle the stone. It helps to let the
bottom of the opposing model soak in water a few seconds before lowering into position.

Remove excess stone with a small instrument.
Use a dampened finger to finish shaping and
smooth away any unwanted stone.



Remove sticky wax and clean models.

Hinge-stop-rods can now be removed unless
they are needed to maintain the posterior
bite relationship.

You will notice that the upper 1st molar
is anterior to the lower 1st molar. A normal
mouth will reflect just the opposite. This
particular bite is correct. We will be replacing
these pictures however with an impression
that reflects a normal bite relationship.

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