Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
          (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)

Pour the die side of the impression:



Close the articulator by lowering the pinned base until the two hinge-stop-rods almost touch. To lower the pinned base into final position, put pressure on top of the hinge-stop- rod (marked by the red arrow above), while tapping very lightly on the pinned base with an instrument.

Do not push down on the front of the RTP Base after the hinge-stop-rod has made contact, as this will cause the base to spring back and take it out of compression with the stone, which can lead to voids.

After the stone has partially set-up, remove
any excess stone and smooth with a wet finger.
Allow stone to fully harden before attempting
to remove the impression.

After the stone sets, excess stone can be
easily removed from the plastic base with
a wet sponge without getting the die model

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