Stalagmite    Pouring Triple Tray Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring "Quadrant" Triple Tray Impressions:


Remove the impression from the Index-Plate. Pour stone to the top of impression and return it to the Index-Plate. Add a small amount of stone around the pins of the RTP_Base. Tap the sides of the base with a spatula or similar instrument to settle the stone around the die pins and small index pins on the die surface of the plastic base. This part of the procedure is very important so as not to trap air and to eliminate voids. Trim away any excess stone around the inside and outside of the RTP_Base.


Add additional stone to the impression and enough to cover the pins on the RTP_Base. The extra stone is necessary to insure that the stone is kept in compression and at the same time supplying enough material to fill voids when the base is lowered into position and excess stone is squeezed out around the edges.

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