Stalagmite    Pouring Triple Tray Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring "Quadrant" Triple Tray Impressions:


Pour the opposing side of the quadrant Triple Tray impression.

Over-fill the impression slightly (as pictured).



Pour stone into the Opposing_Base and over-fill it slightly (as pictured).

Secure the Opposing_Base to the Opposing Index-Plate.

Lower the poured side of impression onto the poured Opposing_Base. Lower the Pin-Locator into place (make sure the yellow Swing-Arm "stops" are contacting the green Stand Extension, see red arrow).

Before pushing the impression down into the stone, align the impression as close as possible to the Pin-Locator. Raise the Swivel Table if necessary to position the pins as close as possible to the tooth margins. The Swivel Table can be lowered later before pouring the die side.

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