Stalagmite    Pouring Triple Tray Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring "Arch" Triple Tray Impressions:

After the stone has initially set, use an instrument to remove the excess.

Double check alignment of the Pin-Locator to the impression after trimming away excess stone.

Be careful when trimming excess stone so as not to move the impression. At this point, if the impression is in the correct position no further adjustments to the Pouring Jig will be needed, and the RTP_Base and the Opposing_Base will be in perfect alignment with each other after the die side is poured.

After the opposing stone has set, remove the Pin-Locator and replace it with the correct RTP_Base.

If the Pin-Locator was orange (large) then the RTP_Base should also be orange.

If the Pin-Locator is an upper then the RTP_Base should be an upper. Verify part type by checking engraving on die surface of RTP_Bases between the first and second molar.

Insert die pins into the RTP_Base. Use stainless steel die pins for prepped and contacting teeth. Use plastic pins for pontics and non-critical areas. Rotate the Swing-Arm to bring the RTP_Base into position. The impression may need additional trimming to bring the yellow "stops" of the Swing-Arm into contact with the green Swing-Arm Stand (see red arrow in above picture). Double check to make sure all pins are in the correct locations. Also check to insure the Jack Stand Release Handle is "up" (locked position) and that the Swivel Table Knob is adequately tightened (1/4 turn in CW direction is all that is necessary).

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