Stalagmite    Pouring Triple Tray Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)

Pouring "Arch" Triple Tray Impressions:

After the stone has initially set, use an instrument to remove the excess. Be careful not to pull the stone away from the base while removing it. Rather, you should trim it in such a way that causes a little pressure in the direction of the base. The same applies to the stone being trimmed inside the Arch. You can use a damp finger to add the final touches.

Be sure to fill voids or areas requiring additional stone before starting the trim phase. It may be necessary to lift up on the RTP_Base to add additional stone. If you do this, be sure to dress up the stone by tapping on the side of the RTP_Base while the pins are pointing up. This procedure will resettle the stone around the pins (just as you did when starting the pour). You can also tap on the impression to settle any stone that was added.

You can articulate the case at this point or separate it and clean the model work.

Hold the stone models and not the plastic bases when separating the models from the impression, this will reduce chances of separating the stone model from the plastic base.

As you can see, the model bases are aligned as close as possible. This can be achieved with every case if the Pouring Jig is set up properly at the onset.

Many labs will keep one or more Pouring Jigs set up at all times just for pouring Triple Tray impressions.

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