Stalagmite    Pouring Jig  (Impression-Index-Plate for standard impressions)


The Pouring Jig-Kit comes with six Impression Index-Plates. These are used when pouring a standard arch or quadrant impression. A patty of thick plaster is applied to the center area and a thin plastic sheet is laid over the plaster. The impression is set on top of the plastic sheet and then forced down so the plaster slightly oozes up around the edges. Then, a finger may be used to build up a small plaster border around the outside wall of the impression tray. There can be no undercuts because the impression will later be removed, poured and returned to the plaster matrix.

The wings on the Impression Index-Plate are used to align the first molar location and the posterior markings are to help align the arch center lines (especially useful with quadrants). The notch in the anterior area is necessary so as not to interfere with the tray handle and also help center the anterior portion of the impression.

For instructions and illustrations refer to the Home Page under section entitled "Using the System," and go to "Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)."

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