Stalagmite       Pouring Jig  (Pin-Locator markings and their meanings)


The Pin-Locator has engraving on the outside (on both sides) which signifies Upper or Lower and Left or Right. As mentioned on the previous page, you will have to look at the engraving on the inside posterior plate to ascertain the RTP_Base number.

The cuspid and first molar on each side should have the tips colored with a black permanent marker as shown above. Making sure the cuspid and molar pointers are over the correct teeth in the impression will guarantee the position of the other pointers.

Using a fine tip black permanent marker to highlight the engravings will make them much easier to see. You will need a steady hand and probably a magnifying glass to do the job right, but the effort will be worth while.

For instructions and illustrations refer to the Home Page under section entitled "Using the System," and go to "Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)."

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