Stalagmite               Pouring Jig  (naming convention for parts)


The pictorial view above shows the Pouring Jig and parts used when pouring a standard arch or quadrant impression. The Swing-Arm Assembly comes in three sizes; small, medium and large (the Mounting-Plate permanently attached to the Swing-Arm denotes the color [or size] of the part to be used).

The three red parts of the Pouring Jig control the Jack Stand and Swivel Table position. The Swivel Table is a ball and socket assembly that rotates on all axes and is controlled by the Swivel Table Knob. The Jack Stand Nut is used to adjust the height of the Swivel Table. The Jack Stand Release Handle is used to control the movements of the Jack Stand Sliding Table.

The Impression Index-Plate, along with a plaster index (see page 3 of this section), is used to allow the impression to be positioned, removed and poured, and returned to the index for final positioning so it can receive the RTP_Base (part that contains the die pins).

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