Stalagmite    Pouring Jig  (the 3 Swing-Arm-Assemblies and 6 Pin-Locators)

Each Pouring Jig comes with three Swing-Arm Assemblies and each assembly has an Upper and Lower Pin-locator. The size of each assembly is color coded as follows: blue denotes small, green is medium and orange is large.

The Pin-Locator is used to determine the size of the impression and is then used along with the Pouring Jig to align the impression. Once aligned the Pin-Locator is exchanged for the correct RTP_Base. For instructions and illustrations refer to the Home Page under section entitled "Using the System," and go to "Pouring Standard Impressions (using the Pouring Jig)."

Originally, we started out using yellow as the color for small parts, but have since changed to blue. In the future when you order small parts, you will receive yellow parts until our supply is depleted.
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