Stalagmite                         Organization of Parts

5-Bin unit containing Small Upper and
Lower Arches, Small Mounting Plates,
Large Arch and Quadrant Opposing_Bases.
In the future, small parts will be blue as
 soon as our inventory of small yellow parts
 are exhausted.

4-Bin unit containing Large Upper Right
Quadrant, Upper Arch, Upper Left
Quadrant RTP_Bases and Medium
Opposing Arch_Bases.

4-Bin unit containing Large Lower Right
Quadrant, Lower Arch, Lower Left
Quadrant RTP_Bases and Medium
Opposing Quadrant_Bases.

3-Bin unit containing Medium Upper Right
Quadrant, Upper Arch and Upper Left
Quadrant RTP_Bases.

3-Bin unit containing Medium Lower
Right Quadrant, Lower Arch and Lower
Left Quadrant RTP_Bases.



The larger labs will want the larger bins for Medium size parts because most impressions will be this size; therefore you will want to have on hand a greater quantity of Medium parts. Large will be the next greater quantity used with Small being the least used.

Bins shown here are organized to reflect the patient's mouth viewed from the front, e.g., parts to the left of the arches are Upper and Lower Right quadrants. Parts to the right of the arches are Upper and Lower Left quadrants.

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