Stalagmite                   Dental Model System                            vJ0405

Organization of Parts
Various ways to organize the different parts.


The Ivory Quantum 3-Bin and 4-Bin units are the only storage units we offer. You can order other sizes and colors from the manufacture or Grainger (see page 3 for their web sites)

A Quantum 4-Bin unit comes with our ATT Starter Kit as shown fully loaded on page 10.

The Quantum 4-Bin units (stacked 4 high) comes with the our RTP Starter Kit as shown fully loaded on page 5.


A larger laboratory will want the 3-Bin units to store the Medium RTPs (green) as these will be by far the most widely used parts.

We can not over emphasize the need for organizing the parts when using this system.
The Quantum Bins we offer have been thoroughly tested in the field. They have more
, are pre-labeled, take up less room and have greater function than other storage
systems. If after sixty (30) days you are not fully satisfied, please return them for a full refund.
If you find a better storage system, please let us know.

Note: The Tip Out Bins will last for years, whereas the Drawer Unit will have to be replaced
periodically due to friction and wear on the rails. The Bins are much easier to open and close.

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