Stalagmite                         Organization of Parts                   vJ0405


2-Drawer unit containing all
three sizes of the Opposing
Arch and Opposing




3-Drawer unit containing all
three sizes of the Open Arch
and Left or Right Open

Small Open_Bases are
shown in gray indicating a
pending status at this time.


These units are suitable for a workbench because the width is only 13.5" x  9.5" deep. Therefore, can be located on a bench and still provide adequate working room (can be purchased at Walmart).
Populating each drawer with all three sizes of a given part does not present a problem because each size is color coded.

Either one of these units could be used with the ATT System. You could store the Upper
ATT_Q-8 Base and Lower ATT_Q-12 Opposing in the top drawer and the Lower
ATT_Q-11 Base and Upper ATT_Q-9 Opposing in the bottom drawer. If you purchased
the three drawer unit, you could keep the ATT_Pin-Locators and etc. in the top drawer.
Populating each drawer with the two matching parts of the upper and lower does not present
a problem because the Base is Green and the Opposing is a Yellow Beige.
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