Stalagmite                         Organization of Parts                      vJ0405


Medium Upper and Lower ATT_Q Bases (green) and Upper and Lower Opposing ATT_Q Bases (yellow) in a 4-Bin Quantum unit. Notice that the Medium Upper and Lower Pin-Locators are sitting on top. (Actually the two yellow Opposing bins should be swapped in this
picture because the ATT_Q-8 and ATT_Q-12 go together and the ATT_Q-11 and
ATT_Q-9 got together. This puts both parts for an upper impression on the left and both
parts for a lower impression on the right.)



A colored picture and all pertinent information relating to the part is printed on each label. We carry several sizes to fit the Quantum Tip-Out Bins and other various combinations. We can also design and print a custom label if what we carry in stock does not meet your needs.

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