Stalagmite                        RTP Laser Pointer                               vJ0326


Shown above is a Pin-Locator that replaces the First Molars and Cuspids with slightly larger pins that are hollow and house four miniature Lasers. When the Lasers are positioned close to the center of the First Molar and Cuspid, the rest of the pointers are guaranteed to be in the correct position in a normal impression (works with Full Arch and Quadrant impressions).

The Lasers are driven by two "C" size batteries and will last between 300 and 400 hours of use. The battery box is mounted on the back side of the green upright stand that retains the yellow Swing-Arm.

Note: There is no danger of the Lasers shinning into someone's eye. As soon as you raise the Swing-Arm very slightly or remove the Pin-Locator, the circuit is broken and the Lasers turn off.

--- You will love this improvement, Guaranteed! ---

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