Stalagmite                  Dental Model System                                 vM0802


As of January 1, 2011, KV33 Corporation has taken over the sales of the Stalagmite Dental Model System. The address has changed, but the phone numbers will remain the same,

                  866-331-2742 Phone                        520-908-3296 Fax


Our larger RTP system (that utilizes the Pouring Jig) is being upgraded to a Laser pointer system which will be ready soon. Anyone ordering the RTP system now, will receive a free Laser upgrade when testing is complete. See the last page in this section for a picture of the prototype. You can pour any impression with the RTP system, including all types of Triple Tray impressions.
 --- Also, the RTP System HD-DVD Movie will be finished soon. ---


The smaller
Articulated Triple Tray stand-alone system is for pouring Triple Tray Impressions. It will introduce you to the pointer system and give you a feel for how it works.
We are currently shipping the Quadrant version of the ATT system. Arch to follow soon.
From the Home Page select, "Pouring Triple Tray Impressions
(using the Articulated Triple Tray System; Pouring Jig is not needed.)" for complete description and instructions.
    ----- The ATT System HD-DVD Movie is now finished and comes with the Kit. -----


Note: Starting immediately the Starter-Kits will be - FREE - as per the
following: Once you have paid for the Starter-Kit, you will start getting a ten percent credit
toward all bases ordered until you have received full credit against the kit price.

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