Stalagmite ATT_(Starter-Kit-2) Price List (one per customer)  vJ0510
Quantity Part Code Description Price ea. Total
5 ATT_Q-7 Medium Upper Quadrant ATT Pin-Locator    
25 ATT_Q-8 Medium Upper Quadrant ATT Base    
25 ATT_Q-9 Medium Upper Quadrant ATT Opposing Base    
5 ATT_Q-10 Medium Lower Quadrant ATT Pin-Locator    
25 ATT_Q-11 Medium Lower Quadrant ATT Base    
25 ATT_Q-12 Medium Lower Quadrant ATT Opposing Base    
  ATT_Q-13 Large Upper Quadrant ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_Q-14 Large Upper Quadrant ATT Base (Pending)    
  ATT_Q-16 Large Lower Quadrant ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_Q-17 Large Lower Quadrant ATT Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-7 Medium Upper Arch ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_A-8 Medium Upper Arch ATT Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-9 Medium Upper Arch ATT Opposing Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-10 Medium Lower Arch ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_A-11 Medium Lower Arch ATT Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-12 Medium Lower Arch ATT Opposing Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-13 Large Upper Arch ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_A-14 Large Upper Arch ATT Base (Pending)    
  ATT_A-16 Large Lower Arch ATT Pin-Locator (Pending)    
  ATT_A-17 Large Lower Arch ATT Base (Pending)    
250 TDP-1 250 Tapered Die Pin (Stainless Steel)    
250 TDP-2 250 Tapered Die Pin (Plastic)    
1 DVD-ATT Movie                              NO CHARGE with Kit   No Charge
1 StopRod-1 3/16x10" Plastic Stop RodNO CHARGE with Kit   No Charge
1 DrillBit-1 3/32" Drill Bit                   NO CHARGE with Kit   No Charge
    Total Retail    
    Less 33%    

Note: This is our least expensive ATT Starter-Kit. (Does not include Storage Bins)

         Contact KV33 Corporation for information and pricing.     866-331-2742

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