Stalagmite                                  Price List

Price ea.                                                      Description                                      vJ0510
Mounting-Plates (5 per bag)
Quadrant Bases (50 per bag)
Arch Bases (50 per bag)
Die Pins (Stainless Steel   1,000 per bag)
Die Pins (Reinforced Plastic   1,000 per bag)
  Die Pins (Metal Alloy   1,000 per bag)   PENDING, will notify when available
Index Plate-Film (Enough for one hundred 5" x 5" pieces. This film is very strong and
     flexible and does not have the static problems associated with most films. Each
     piece can be rinsed off and used several dozen times.)
Stop Rods (3/16" x 10" plastic rod used to maintain the bite relationship.)
Quantum Stackable Tip-Out Bin units (Ivory color)  We only stock 3 and 4 bin Units.
     (4 bin units hold 25 Medium Arch Bases or 50 Medium Quadrant Bases per bin.)
  Note: Two 3 bin units are recommended for the larger labs to hold the Medium
            RTP_Bases-7 thru 12 as this will be by far the most widely used size. The
            3 bin units will hold 50 Arch Bases and 100 Quadrant Bases per bin.
Pouring Jig Package (includes all accessories)   FREE with RTP Starter Kit
Tapered Die Pin Extractor (Used to extract die pins with micrometer precision as
     when removing a large wax-up before investing.)
CD Instruction Manual (This is the same Instruction Manual that is on our web site and
     is provided to those that do not have access to the web but have a computer.)
DVD-ATT Instructional Video      (The Instructional Video will be included in the
     ATT_(Starter Kit) at no charge when available. Also, you will receive full credit for the
     DVD when you place your first order.)
DVD-RTP Instructional Video   PENDING   (The Instructional Video will be included
     in the RTP-(Starter Kit) at no charge when available. Also, you will receive full credit
     for the DVD when you place your first order.)
    FREE  ATT and RTP (Starter-Kits)    See bottom of page 1 for details.
Note: Some items may be included in the Starter Kits that we do not sell. They are items we have tested or
  have been recommended by other labs that we feel are superior and work well with our system.
Attention: We cannot over emphasize the need for organizing the parts when using this system
  The Quantum Bins we offer have been thoroughly tested in the field. They have
  more capacity, are pre-labeled, take up less room and have greater function
  than other storage systems. If after thirty (30) days you are not fully satisfied, please
  return them for a full refund. If you find a better storage system please let us know.

      Contact KV33 Corporation for information and pricing.     866-331-2742

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