Stalagmite®                            Pouring Open_Bases

Quadrant Open_Base:

                                                                         Completed die model and opposing with
                                                                         stone base.

The pin side of the model is lowered into the Open_Base (make sure the vertical web behind the snap falls between the two centrals). Tapping on the side of the base will help settle the stone. Remove excess stone and allow to set. The bottom of the die area should be even with the top of the Open_Base. After the stone sets, excess stone can be easily removed from the plastic base with a wet sponge without getting the die model wet.

Remove the Mounting-Plate and sand the bottom as shown previously on page 5.

The models are now ready to articulate with a rigid articulator utilizing the Mounting-Plate. As with the arch version shown earlier, the quadrant Open_Base will also receive a Vertex® type articulator.

Since die pins are available on the market in variable lengths, the pinned model should be placed inside the base and checked before pouring. Also, the vertical web behind the snap should end up between the two centrals. The vertical web behind the snap may need a little trimming near the top to allow the die pins to slide down on each side (usually only a problem on the lowers because the teeth are so small and close together).

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