Stalagmite                            Pouring Open_Bases

Quadrant Open_Base  (used to replace the conventional stone base):


Medium (green) Open_Bases shown (OPEN-7 and OPEN-9).

The quadrant Open_Base is basically the same as the arch except there is a left and right for each given size.

There is a set of index marks for each cuspid and each first molar location. This is necessary because Open_Bases can be used as either an upper or lower. The lower cuspid and lower first molar in a normal mouth is usually anterior of the upper cuspid and upper first molar. Aligning the teeth to the correct index marks will insure a better relationship between the upper and lower models when articulated.

Using the Open_Base has several advantages over the conventional stone base:

1.  Uses less stone and allows less shrinkage (dimensionally more stable).
2.  A Mounting-Plate can be used if the case is to be plaster mounted on a rigid articulator.
    This procedure will render a model that is easily removed and reattached to the
    articulator. Refer to the Home Page under section entitled "System Parts Overview"
    and go to "Mounting-Plates".
3.  Less cleanup and better overall appearance.
4.  Less shipping weight.

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