Stalagmite             Pin Drilling Machine Modification

How to drill accurate holes for Reversible-Pins:

Now it is time to drill the second row of holes
for the plastic Reversible-Pins.

 Place the copper wire index pin in position
 as described earlier. Make sure the index pin
 is held in position (a bent piece of wire with
 yellow covering is shown wedged in between
 the laser stand and the copper wire; however,
 a small piece of heavy steel set on top of
 the wire would probably work just as well).

 Use the first row of holes to position the
 model so the second row of holes can be
 drilled. Let the copper wire index pin engage
 each die pin hole, this will automatically
 establish the correct distance between holes.

As you can see in the above picture, the laser light is lingual of the tooth center. The light comes in handy for determining the mesio-distal location by rotating the model slightly.



 As this picture illustrates, all of the plastic
 reversible-pin holes are the same distance
 from the die pin holes.

Glue all die pins in place first, then insert the
plastic reversible-pins. Cut any index grooves
needed and lubricate the surface.

Reversible-Pins are not glued, but inserted
securely into the holes.


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