Stalagmite             Pin Drilling Machine Modification

How to drill accurate holes for Reversible-Pins:


The picture above represents two varieties of Reversible-Pins. They work well in concert with the "drill" and "glue-pin" technique for preparing die models.

Most pinhole drilling units can be modified to drill the extra hole needed for the Reversible-Pin. The method displayed here is only one of many ways this can be done. In addition, this method is quick and does not require any modification to the Whaledent Pindex unit itself.

Start by obtaining a piece of 12 gauge copper wire, and bend it in such a way as to allow it to lay in the grooves of the standard Pindex unit. Then create a point that sticks up just behind the drill bit. The point must be machined to a diameter slightly smaller than the die hole being drilled. See picture below and next few pages.


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