Stalagmite                Pre-Pouring the Opposing Bases

Now, here is the really neat part.

As you can see from the picture on the left, the upper and lower models are not perfectly parallel to each other. By testing the relationship between the two models prior to gluing the opposing to the already poured base, you can make adjustments to the opposing that will improve the esthetic value considerably.

To remedy this problem, just grind a little more off the left bottom (patient's left) of the opposing before gluing the lower model to the previously poured opposing base.


You can see what a little selective grinding can do for the esthetic value.

The opposing model is now ready to be glued to the previously poured base.

A lab in La Jolla, California showed us this technique. If it is new to you; please give it a try. We think you will appreciate some of the advantages.

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