Stalagmite                Pre-Pouring the Opposing Bases

As you already know, model stone is getting more and more expensive. One of the main reasons for the price increase is because stone is very heavy and costly to ship. Here is a technique that will not only address the high cost of stone, but will benefit you in other ways.

Many of the opposing models you receive are already poured and even if they are not, we believe you will find this technique useful in many ways.

Any time you have some stone left over, use it to create a stand-alone base. You can pour the extra stone into a rubber mold or one side of a Stalagmite_Opposing Base. If you pour a mold and it doesn't fill all the way to the top; just grab a small amount of extra stone out of the stone bin and finish filling it.

     Extra stone was used to pour these bases.          Bases cleaned up and ready for use.

It helps to dress the poured side on a sanding block or model grinder to insure a nice flat surface. Remember, the quadrant bases that you remove from the rubber molds can be used as left or right by just turning them over.

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