Stalagmite                                  Cost Analysis


Three Impression Index-Plates loaded with impressions have been transferred to the Pouring Jigs. The Pouring Jig on the left has a quadrant triple tray impression with the base portion already poured. Each has been aligned and are now ready to exchange the Pin-Locator with the RTP_Base and then poured. The technician will probably pour at least two of these at a time. By the time the last two are poured and excess stone removed, the first two will be set-up enough to remove the Impression and RTP_Base from the yellow Swing-Arm Assembly. It must be set aside and allowed to harden sufficiently before separating the impression from the RTP_Base.

The Pouring Jigs shown were positioned close together for this picture, but in real life there would be considerably more space between them. You need plenty of space between them before starting the pour because you will be rotating them into different positions, especially when you start to trim away excess stone.

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