Stalagmite                                  Cost Analysis

Side by side comparison     Glue-pins     Stalagmite
Construct plaster index for Impression.                                Yes

Align impression on Pouring Jig.                                          Yes

Replace Pin-Locator with RTP_Base.                                  Yes

Pour impression.                                     Yes                      Yes  

Grind down model to receive pins.            Yes

Drill holes to receive die pins.                   Yes

Glue die pins in place.                              Yes

Cut index grooves on bottom of dies.        Yes

Lubricate bottom of die surface.               Yes   

Pour stone base under pinned dies.           Yes

Trim model.                                           Yes                     Yes

Section dies.                                           Yes                     Yes

Trim dies.                                               Yes                     Yes


Once you have become proficient using the Stalagmite System, you can use the above chart as a guide to calculate time saved with each procedure and total the results. We are sure you will discover that not only is there a considerable savings in time, but there is also a large savings in material, not to mention the improved accuracy, esthetic value and convenience of having a built-in Mounting-Plate design.


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