Stalagmite              ATT System (uses Removable Tapered Pins)  

Quadrant parts for the Articulated Triple Tray Dental
      Model System:

There are only two quadrant Opposing_Bases and they work with all three sizes (Small, Medium and Large).


The two Opposing_Bases are designed in such a way that the opposing model can be removed and relocated inside the plastic. This is very handy if the bite is off and the correct bite relationship needs to be re-established. Refer to the Home Page under
section entitled "Using the System," and go to "Pouring Triple Tray Impressions (using the Articulated Triple Tray System)."

Although these two Opposing_Bases work with all three sizes, it is impossible to select the wrong Opposing_Base for two reasons:
    a.  All upper parts have female hinges, and all lower parts have male hinges.
    b.  There is only one Opposing_Base for the upper and one for the lower, both
         work with all three sizes.


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