Stalagmite                  Dental Model System

Parts List


Part Codes: (found in the upper left corner of each part grid box and is used when ordering)
Example: (of Part Code) 
"RTP-8"  is a Medium Upper Arch Base_RTP   (see page 3)

Description Codes: (found under each part)
                         First letter denotes size e.g., Small, Medium, Large and possibly Huge.
MU                      Second letter denotes Upper or Lower. A dash "-" denotes either Upper or Lower.
MUA                   Third letter denotes Arch or Quadrant.
MUQL, MUQR  An "L" or "R" following "Q" in a code name denotes Left or Right Quadrant. If no
                             letter follows the "Q" it can be used as either a Left or Right quadrant.

Example: (of Description Codes)
S-A_Mounting-Plate      Small Upper or Lower Arch Mounting Plate.
MUA_Base_RTP           Medium Upper Arch RTP Base.
LUA_Base_RTP            Large Upper Arch RTP Base.
MUQL_Base_RTP        Medium Upper Left Quadrant RTP Base.
M-Q_Base_Opposing    Medium Upper or Lower Quadrant Opposing Base (works as Left or Right).


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