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Why would a company spend over eight years developing a new dental model system? The answer is quite simple! "The model department is the most important section in a dental laboratory."

The model department sets the standard for accuracy, esthetic value and overall quality of every case that moves through the lab. Each department will be more inclined to add that extra touch if the preceding section's work is viewed as outstanding. A brilliant piece of gold or porcelain bridgework will never be viewed in its ultimate glory if it has to share space with sloppy model work.

When we set out to develop a better system, it became obvious after three years and several boxes of discarded parts that a one-size-fits-all approach was not going to achieve the innovative result we were after. Therefore, we started entertaining a different approach based on different sizes. We put the word out to several labs around the country to send us all of the discarded models they could retrieve. It wasn't long before we were receiving boxes of models of every size and description.

We eventually settled on three sizes (small, medium and large). An extra large appeared on occasion, but the percent was too small to consider in this design. We understand that people in some countries have a larger arch and teeth than what we can expect in the USA, thus we may reevaluate this point as we start selling in some foreign countries.

The system works for over 75 percent of the arches and over 90 percent of the quadrants. The percentage for the arches would be higher if it were not for the wish-bone effect (the varying distance between the posterior ends of the arch). A small percentage of impressions will not be able to use this system because of overlapping teeth and tooth movement. We already have plans for addressing this problem in the future.

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As of January 1, 2011, KV33 Corporation has taken over the sales of the Stalagmite Dental Model System. The address has changed, but the phone numbers will remain the same,

                  866-331-2742 Phone                520-908-3296 Fax