Stalagmite                  Helpful hints you may find useful.

6. Plastic bases and metal die pins can be used several times if you can retrieve them. The RTP_Bases may need a light silicone spray applied to the die surface when reused. After applying spay, be sure to use a high pressure air hose on the die surface of the plastic base to remove the excess spray or you will end up with a fuzzy surface on the bottom of the stone die.

Weighing the stone and measuring the water for each mix will help guarantee quality and consistency. Working with the same consistency each time is very important, as you will become proficient more quickly. You do not want an overly runny mix when pouring the impression and coating the pins on the base.

Caution:  Do not try to reuse a damaged die pin as they are precision matched to the tapered hole in the RTP_Bases. Also, do not try to reuse the plastic bases if they have too many saw marks or if the small index pins have been damaged. Do not soak the plastic bases or mounting plates in acetone or similar solvent. Remove excess stone and soak in water over night, then put parts in a sonic cleaner. This seems to be the safest way to clean parts for reuse.

Hold the stone models and not the plastic bases when separating the models from the impression; this will reduce chances of separating the stone model from the plastic base.

Note: We rely heavily on feedback from all labs using our products. As a result of this feedback, parts are constantly being improved.

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