Stalagmite                      Die Pin Extractor


Screw the Knurled-Screw out of the
Hex-Post at least one half of its length.

Push the Hex-Post onto the plastic die-
pin-sleeve of the base until it stops. Turn
the Hex-Post clockwise until snug.
Do not over tighten. (It only takes about
one half turn or less to grab the post

Once you have the Hex-Post anchored
to the plastic sleeve, slowly screw the
small Knurled-Screw in until it engages
the bottom of the Tapered Die Pin.

You now have infinite control over how
much you remove the die.

It takes less than 1/8 turn to fully release
the die pin from the walls of the sleeve.
     (1/8 turn = .004 in or .1 mm)

You will learn to love this tool when you
have to remove a large wax up from
a model when some of the stone-dies
are not parallel to each other.




Make sure the Knurled-Screw is screwed out of the Hex-Post at least one half of its
before attempting to attach the Die Pin Extractor to the die-pin-sleeve of a plastic
base. You do not want to engage the Tapered Die Pin at this point. You want to remove
the Tapered Die Pin itself with the small Knurled-Screw.

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