Stalagmite                                    RTP_Bases

Medium (green) upper quadrant                       Same models mounted on a rigid articulator
RTP_Base and lower Opposing_Base              with a quadrant Mounting-Plate used on the
mounted on a Vertex Articulator.                   the upper.

Picture to left shows the upper model removed from the Mounting-Plate. It can be easily re-attached to the Mounting-Plate when needed.

 A Mounting-Plate could have been used on the lower. When the case is finished, it would be a simple matter of removing both upper and lower models for shipping. Neither model would have any plaster on them and it is an easy job to remove the Mounting- Plates.

Remember, the Opposing_Base accepts a Mounting-Plate on either side and it also has retention on both sides to mount with plaster as shown here. You would certainly want to use a Mounting-Plate on the lower if it were also a die model.

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